COVID-19 Guidelines

We are OPEN for Mass! Please note the guidelines we currently have in place for
those who wish to attend Mass at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church…

  • If you are sick or live with someone who is sick, please stay home! (Temperature over 100.4)
  • Masks are encouraged but are not mandatory at this time.
  • Practice social distancing (6 ft. away from those not in your family) at all times.
  • If you have to cough, please do so in your sleeve.
  • Collection basket will not be passed around, but placed in the Narthex. Please place your envelope there.
  • Mass will be celebrated with a priest and up to 2 acolytes. Servers when necessary.
    All will take temperatures before Mass and will be masked when distributing communion.
  • During the Sign of Peace, you may shake hands with your family & give a friendly wave to your neighbor(s).
  • During Communion…
    Please stay single file allowing 6 ft. between family units. Receive ONLY ON THE HAND until further notice.
    Priests & Acolytes will wear a mask and sanitize before distributing. If you choose to wear a mask, please receive
    in hand & THEN remove mask to consume.
  • After Mass…
    We wish to maintain a community of fellowship, gathering while you maintain social distancing.