Godparent Program

The Godparent Program is the religious education program for teens in Grades 9 thru 12. It emphasizes spiritual growth and the development of a community within the Catholic faith. A diocesan-approved curriculum is used, which includes prayer, scripture and Catholic Doctrine. The format allows for discussion of topics and events pertinent to the lives of teenagers. The weekly sessions are in the Godparent homes on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:15 pm. Each Freshman Class is split into groups, with each having its own Godparent couple. Teens remain in their assigned ‘GP Group’ for all four years of high school. The ‘Godparents’ are married couples who volunteer and are willing to share their faith, be good witnesses to the Sacrament of Marriage, and open their homes to their GP Group. The GP Groups participate in service projects, fundraisers, special prayer services, and annual weekend retreats.

Godparent Team
Pastor : Rev. Christoper L. Barak
Chaplain : Rev. Ryan L. Salisbury

Coordinator : Carmen Brown
Co-Coordinators : Mark & Lisa Peery

Godparent Couples
Ed & Lily Gonzalez     Doug & Kris Lewis
Dennis & Karen Broadwell     Brandon & Lisa Lindau
Tom & Emily O’Brien     Shane & Abbie Baack
Keith & Nicki Wintz
Kim Schoepf, Karel Schoepf, Jennell Schoepf & Jessica Schoepf

Milford Freshmen
Zach & Kim Zegers
Milford Sophomores thru Seniors
Craig & Kari Jakub