Building on the Foundation of the Past, We Look to the Future

Over 150 Years of Growing in Faith and Community

Faith Formation

Adding meeting rooms, gathering spaces, and classrooms allows us room to grow in our faith and strengthens our families. Our Catholic School is an integral part of Faith Formation and this vision.


Dedicating space for music, maintaining the beauty of our church, and gathering to pray & study our faith in classrooms and meetings makes Jesus present and alive in our hearts.

Missionary Spirit

By creating a welcoming environment and providing a gathering area, family room, and offices near the entrance, we reach out in a loving manner to all who enter the doors of    St. Vincent’s.


About Us

In the 150 years since St. Vincent was founded, there have been at least 1500 couples married, over 3000 children baptized, and countless blessings on the Seward community from the hands of Catholics formed by St. Vincent de Paul parish. We are thankful for the blessings of the past and confident in God’s Blessings in the future.

We are a Parish striving to grow in our love of God and Neighbor through all of the activities of our Church community, forming Adults, Couples, Single person and children in our parish work.

New Commons area

Our Future

Now is the time to focus on the future. This Master Plan was created by Clark & Enersen after careful examination of our current facilities and needs, with a plan for future expansion.


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